We, of Northeast Academy, base our philosophy on the importance of developing each child in the areas of mental, moral, social, and physical endeavors.  We believe it is the responsibility of the school to provide adequate instruction, materials, and a Christian environment which will develop to the fullest each child’s’ individual capabilities.  We further believe that the school should create within each child the desire to accept his responsibility in a democratic society.

We believe the above statement can best be achieved by:

bullet Creating a harmonious atmosphere

bullet Developing each child’s abilities in the basic skills – reading, writing, speaking, listening, computing, creating, discovering, reasoning, observing

bullet Promoting the development of high ideals and interest – mental achievement, moral responsibility, emotional stability, physical development, and social growth

bullet Developing within the child the desire to do his own critical thinking

bullet Developing vocational interests

bullet Emphasizing worthy utilization of time

bullet Encouraging self evaluation and recognizing individual differences in order to develop the individual to the maximum of his ability

bullet Teaching the use of good English at all times

bullet Developing a sense of responsibility in establishing good health and safety practices

bullet Promoting better relationships between pupil, teachers, and parents

bullet Providing the best available equipment, curriculum and extra-curricular activities to meet the needs of those to be educated and the community to be served

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